Blue Force Gear Vickers Combat Applications Sling VCAS-125-OA

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Developed to meet the requirements of our good friend, Larry Vickers. This sling incorporates the key features that Larry specified: 1. A versatile two-point design which allows for a variety of carry and shooting positions. 2. A quick adjustment capability to enable the shooter to quickly change the sling length and yet have no excess material to flap or tangle. 3. The ability for the shooter to use various attachment methods or hardware. 4. Superior materials and stitching. This sling utilizes Blue Force Gear's exclusive quick adjust buckle and includes a removable Fastex quick release and connector strap at the buttstock end which is compatible with all Blue Force Gear modular female adapters. This sling is ready to attach to issue M4 carbines or other weapons which have provision for side sling connections. Nylon adjuster and hardware. Webbing is 1.25 inches wide. Life Time Warranty! MADE IN THE USA
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